KIKS & KIOL Radio News 8/10/2017

At this weeks meeting, Allen County commissioners quickly accepted an offer to help get rid of debris wedged against the Marsh Arch bridge west of Humboldt.  The Iola Register reports that commissioners took Joe Weiner up on his bid to get rid of the trees that have accumulated.  He said it might take a a day or so and cost a thousand dollars.  (8/10)
Also at the meeting, commissioners heard from a delegation from from Allen County Regional Hospital.  They assured commissioners the hospital was doing well  and moving in a positive direction.  The inpatient population this year is better than it was in 2016 and new clinics in Humboldt and Moran are becoming more popular.  (8/10)
A Garnett man was injured late Wednesday morning in a two vehicle accident on US 59 forty feet North of US 169 south of Garnett. The highway patrol reports that 59 year old Anthony Wolken of Garnett was taken to Anderson County Hospital with injuries. The two vehicles collided when one of them failed to yield. The other driver was not injured. (8/10)

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