KIKS & KIOL Radio News 9/12/2017

A man from Arma was killed yesterday morning in a two vehicle accident between a pickup and a semi at the U69 bypass in Arma.  According to a highway patrol report, the driver of the pickup, 87 year old Fred F. Bogina was pronounced dead at the scene.  The semi driver, 27 year old Justin Horner of Kingman, was hospitalized.  (9/12)
Last night’s Iola City Council meeting was not held because there weren’t enough council members in attendance to meet the quorum.   Five members are required to meet that threshold but only four were in attandence.  Oddly enough, one of the items that was to be discussed is the possible downsizing of the city council.  (9/12)
A traffic advisory:  160th Road, known as Shaw Road, will be closed on Thursday, the 14th from the Neosho River Bridge, continuing East to K-59 Highway.  The Neosho County Road and Bridge Department will be applying a fog seal surface coating to this portion of the roadway.  You can visit for more information.  (9/12)

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