KIKS & KIOL Radio News 9/29/2017

During this week’s meeting, the Allen County Regional Hospital board of trustees approved bond refinancing through United Missouri Bank. The Iola Register reports that the decision guarantees a lower interest rate on repaying a new bond issue of $4.5 million. The interest rate will drop from the current rate of 4.5 percent to 2.19 percent. (9/29)
Yesterday, we told you about a series of business burglaries in Iola, but today we have some good news. The person responsible for robbing the candy belonging to Iola Middle School from the football stadium in Riverside Park has been caught. Pending formal charges, the suspect’s name has not been released. (9/29)
A Garnett man escaped injury yesterday when the plane he was flying had engine failure and he had to make an emergency landing in a pasture. According to the highway patrol, the Piper Fixed Wing Single Engine Plane piloted by 43 year old Lynn Davison came down in Coffey County about 100 yards West of Wayside just after 5 pm. (9/29)


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