KIKS & KIOL Radio News 10/4/2017

Even though Iola is over 1200 miles away from Las Vegas, the tragic events from Sunday night still hit close to home. Toby and Ashley Shaughnessy are from Iola but they were in Vegas over the weekend. In a phone interview with the Iola Register, Toby said they went from having a good time to running for their lives. They were just outside their hotel, the MGM Grand, when the shooting started.

The Humboldt Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a Dedication and Ribbon Cutting for the Sign in the Square next Monday October 9th at 6 pm. The Chamber will be recognizing the GALS FCE organization that took the initiative to spearhead the new Electronic Sign Project and was instrumental in obtaining the financing for the sign. The Chamber President said they’ll also recognize the Humboldt City Council and the City of Humboldt employees for their cooperation with the project and providing the manpower for site work.

Mitch Bolling, owner of Moran Locker, addressed Moran City Council members Monday night, noting the gathering momentum for the wind farm, expected to be erected north of Moran. The Iola Register reports that if the county endorses the wind farm proposal — a final decision could come by the end of the month. It stands to earn $200,000 a year through payments in lieu of taxes.


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