KIKS & KIOL Radio News 11/13/2017

Three people were killed when their vehicle struck a deer and went into the ditch on US 169 four miles south of Iola at about 5:30 last night. The highway patrol says that 33 year old Sherry Bingham and 32 year old Ciara Edwards, both of Chanute, and 37 year old Samantha McMillan of Walnut died in the accident. The driver of a second vehicle involved was not injured. (11/13)
The Iola USD 257 school board has received the much anticipated opinion of the district court defining their responsibility as trustees of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center. Senior District Judge Robert Fairchild stated that the school district is not required to hold classes at the Bowlus and may pay for any use at it’s own discretion. He also stated that the school board could give up their trustee status and have the court appoint another trustee. Furthermore, the University of Kansas Endowment Association has no claim to the facility.  Or, it could negotiate with the city or a non-profit entity to obtain title to the Bowlus and terminate the trust.  The judge stated that it’s clear that the Bowlus is an asset, but that it has become somewhat of a burden to the school district. It’s now up to the USD 257 board to decide their next move. (11/13)


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