KIKS & KIOL Radio News 4/16/2018

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the family of Iola resident Trent Rhodes, who was seriously injured on Saturday.  According to the online post, Rhodes was outside working when a spark caught his jacket and he was engulfed in flames.  He was badly burned and transferred to the KU Medical Center in Kansas City.  Rhodes works for the City of Iola and his wife Keri is a stay at home mother to their two small children.  A link to the Go Fund Me page is on the Iola Radio Facebook page.
The area is need of a new coroner, a position that is sometimes difficult to fill.  The Chanute Tribune reports that Dr. Erik Mitchell, MD has submitted his resignation as coroner for the 31st Judicial District.   That includes Allen, Neosho Wilson and Woodson counties.   Mitchell is from Kansas City and he also resigned as coroner for the 1st, 5th and 7th judicial districts, effective April 30.  As for a new coroner, state statute says the local medical association submits nominations to the commission of the most populous county in the judicial district to name a coroner for the remainder of the term.   In this case, it would be Neosho County.
Sonic Equipment and The New Klein Lumber Company have been recognized as the large and small business of the year by the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce.  The recognition came during the chamber’s annual banquet held at the Allen County Country Club.  Duane McGraw and Loren Korte were also honored for their many contributions to the Chamber.

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