KIKS & KIOL Radio News 6/14/2018

Allen County commissioners said this week that they favored making available $335,000 to pay for extension of gas, water and sewer lines to an industrial tract east of Humboldt.  According to The Iola Register, Humboldt Administrator Cole Herder announced the had lost out on a federal grant to pay half the cost of the utility project, estimated at $672,000.  But Herder said he thinks that they can do the project for half the estimate.  That’s because they wouldn’t have to meet a long list of federal rules and regulations and they could use local equipment.
Storm sirens in Petrolia and Carlyle went online earlier this month, allowing the county to alert those residents of tornadoes and other events.  The Register reports that the sirens in the two communities will be operated through the county’s 911 system.  Adding Petrolia and Carlyle to the system means every community in the county can be alerted in case of tornado warnings.

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