KIKS & KIOL Radio News 6/29/2018

The State Emergency Operations Center continues to coordinate recovery operations in Eureka after Tuesday’s tornado.  Door-to-door welfare checks are being conducted in the areas still without power.  There will be a Town Hall meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Matt Samuels Building.  The Greenwood County Emergency Manager indicated that up to 200 volunteers are still needed but bottled water is not needed at this time.  Volunteers should be able to handle the extreme heat.  They also need to come equipped with gloves, eye protection, work boots and long pants.
Humboldt Police Chief Brian Dillow was arrested by Allen County sheriff’s deputies Wednesday, after the deputies were called to a suspected domestic dispute in Humboldt.   Sheriff Bryan Murphy told The Iola Register that an investigation conducted at the scene led deputies to determine there was probable cause a crime had occurred.  Murphy said that because Kansas law mandates an arrest in such instances, Dillow was arrested for suspicion of domestic battery and criminal damage to property.

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