KIKS & KIOL Radio News 9/6/2018

At this week’s meeting, Allen County Commissioners appeared to have less enthusiasm than before about buying the old Lehigh quarry for a recreation venue.  The Iola Register reported that commissioner Bill King even went as far as to ask if the county might reverse course on agreeing to pay half the cost of an appraisal of the property.  County Counselor Alan Weber said that it had already been voted on and that the county should honor the decision.  The appraisal is expected to cost as much as $10,000.
Moran City Council members will decide soon about where to purchase electricity.  According to The Register, Council members were presented this week with a proposal from Westar that would cut the city’s cost by about 25 percent.  The cost would be 52 cents per kilowatt hour vs. the current rate of around 80 cents-per-kilowatt hour.  The Kansas Municipal Energy Agency made its proposal of 53 cents per kilowatt hour in August.  Moran’s current contract expires with Westar in 2020.

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